Chenok Dream from Russia

Chogun's brother "Chenok" got his breeding licence, too.


Here you can find Chenok's pedigree.


Extract from the breeding licence dated October 3, 2002:


56,5 cm
Trunk length: 66 cm
Depth of breast: 25 cm
Breast circumference: 69,5 cm
Overall constitution: small male, could have a shorter back, good overall constitution
Built: medium strong
Colour of coat: white
Nature: attentive
Type, expression: very good
Bone structure: medium strong
Muscles: very good
Pigmentation: strong
Head: masculine
Teeth: scissors
Eyes: well placed and nicely shaped
Ears: well placed and held upright
Neck: strong
Back: even, good muscular system
Tail, tail root: correct
Front legs: good angle
Hind legs: very good angle
Paws: characteristic, gut geschlossen
Gait: free and good thrust
Coat: characteristic for breed
Irregularities: none
Colour of eyes: dark brown





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