Dschingis Khan Dream from Russia

Like the father ...


Babu's son Dschingis Khan call name Chicco got his breeding licence.

 We are very proud and hope that he will have some puppies one day.

Here you can find Chicco's pedigree.


And this is an extract from the breeding licence dated October 3, 2003:


55 cm
Trunk length: 64,5 cm
Depth of breast: 26 cm
Breast circumference: 72,5 cm
Overall constitution: strongly built male
Built: strong
Colour of coat: white
Nature: calm, well balanced
Type, expression: very good type
Bone structure: strong
Muscles: very good
Pigmentation: very good
Head: masculine
Teeth: scissors
Eyes: well placed and nicely shaped
Ears: well placed and held upright
Neck: strong, well placed
Back: even, very good muscular system
Tail, tail root: correct
Front legs: very good angle
Hind legs: very good angle
Paws: characteristic
Gait: free and good thrust
Coat: characteristic for breed
Irregularities: none
Colour of eyes: both eyes brown





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March 28, 2004 and updated
November 2004.


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