In Memory
of those Samoyeds who already died

Bajana Dream from Russia
* May 3, 1996     V  August 1, 2006
(Fairylight Kent of Karasea x Elisa of Smiling Snow Star)

She lost her last fight. August 1, 2006 Jana went too early over the rainbow bridge.
We will never forget her.

We kept Bajana Dream from Russia – called "Jana" and her sister Belaya Babayaga Dream from Russia – called "Hexchen", (little witch) - from Nuschka's second litter. Jana was quiet and sensitive and Hexchen is our daredevil.

Classic Samojed of Paradise Pay Solan
* January 2, 1999     V  February 3, 2006
(Astutus The Magician x Crazy Su vom Fuhrenkamp)

He was the cock on the walk in the midst of all the females, our "Babu". We miss him!

* January 3, 1997
     V  October 5, 2004
(parents unknown)

Since 1997 "Sunny" joined our family, a very magnificent female Samoyed. With her size, she had no problems to compete with a male.

* Oktober 1998
March 07, 2003
(parents unknown)

Around Christmas 1998 a Samoyed puppy of about three months was abandoned and tied to a gate. Only by chance did someone find her and then she found a new home in our family. We called her “Nuschka”, in memory of our Elisa. Recently she was defeated by her illness and we also lost her, shortly after Kehla.

White Stars of Winter Beautiful Kehla
* June 11, 1998     V
February 20, 2003
(Astutus Love Token x Classic Samojed of Paradise Honey Hatty)

In March 2000 White Stars of Winter Beautiful Kehla moved into our house. She had two litters with 14 puppies altogether. From her first litter her daughter Cza Cza-Chiara Dream from Russia still lives in our family. We lost Kehla our little teddy bear due to a tragic accident before she even reached the age of 5. We miss her very much!

 “One never goes completely, something of her will remain with us...”

Balaika of Smiling Snow Star
* June 13, 1989     V October 20, 2001

Our Balaika of Smiling Snow Star – called “Laika” was a bundle of energy and when she was an adult, we trained her with a bike. Later she became a very good leader and took part in sled races. She reached a proud age of 12.

Anouk Dream from Russia
* May 25, 1994     V December 9, 1998

From Nuschka’s first litter we kept “Anouk” a fine specimen of a male. Also with him we could only spend short 4 ½ years. As a young dog he ate a piece of the highly poisonous Datura suaveolens. He survived but some physical damage remained and he died after a haemorrhage - again a very painful experience we had to make.

Elisa of Smiling Snow Star
* February 21    
V June 1, 1996

called “Nuschka” brought a lot of joy to our home and had 17 puppies altogether. Unfortunately, we lost her much too early at the age of 4. It was terrible for us not to be able to do anything for her.

In memory of Fairylight Kent of Karasea and Elisa Smiling Snow Star.



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