5, 2003

Our "Fairylight Blade Dream from Russia" had the longest way home.

After all the regulations had been met for his entry into Sweden, it was finally time to say goodbye. We met Carina and Kikki on April 5, 2003 in Rostock who had crossed over to Germany by ferry to pick up Blade. So far our contact had been via phone and email and this was our first meeting face-to-face. But there was nothing strange between us, it was like meeting old friends. Daddy Babu came with us to keep his baby company. Nevertheless Blade was terribly excited, so many new and strange things for him to see and sniff!

On this picture you can see
Carina with Blade,
me and my husband Hans with Babu
(Photo: Bjellakis Kennel, Björn and Kikki Arvidsson, Sweden)

Kikki with Babu and Carina with Blade

We accompanied Carina, Kikki and Blade onto the ferry, our hearts felt heavy. We said goodbye with mixed feelings, a little sad because Blade had come close to our hearts during the 7 1/2 months he was with us but also happy because he has found a phantastic new home in Sweden with Carina.

The ferry in Rostock

We are sure to take part in his life from a distance and hope to see him again in the future.

If you want to hear news about Blade you can do this on Carina's Homepage under NEWS.


New Photos from Blade in Sweden:

Blade (right side) with his new friend Odin

(Photos: Bjellakis Kennel, Björn and Kikki Arvidsson, Sweden)

(Photos: Vedjatorpet Kennel, Carina Björklund, Sweden)

Vedjatorpet Kennel, Carina Björklund, Sweden)




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